Royale Hussar

The Collection Of Male Erotic Art joined with Colville Gallery for this exciting exhibition of post war UK photographic art works.

The show was titled "Out of the Dark"

Basil Clavering is recognised as the most prominent British post-war photographer, who specialised in the development and production of a genre of photography centred on the male figure. Clavering establish Royale Studios, and then with John Parkhurst, Hussar Studio in Pimlico and Soho, London. Works from this period of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s depicted narratives and embraced the military disciplines, from which many of the models where drawn.

These full colour original transparencies and photo-sets are the only known surviving records in this format from this studio and have been restored. At the time, these artworks were very much underground and now, for the first time, they are coming Out of the Dark, in an exhibition we are delighted to present to coincide with Dark MOFO.


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